Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alien technology in Germany, 1920

Recent years have seen the emergence of a rumour that float around the internet like moths to a flame about a crashed UFO in the Black Forrest in 1936 which was spirited away to the dark heart of Nazi Germany. There it was to be dismantled and dilligently studied by, it is claimed, the members of the Vril Society. While no historically verifiable evidence for this tale has come to light, the idea of alien technology that has fallen into the hands of a select group, was already the subject of a film in Germany in 1920.

Just two years after the defeat of Germany in the First World War, a little known silent film was released. Entitled Algol, it tells the story of a superior extraterrestrial from the Dogstar, who donates incredible technology that enables a wealthy industrialist to enslave the world by this free energy device.

Lost for decades, copies of the film have surfaced in recent years. The first image is of the alien being, poised far away in the eternal blackness of the universe. The second the industrialist poised over the weird extraterrestrial technology.

One wonders how a film like Algol helped transform the ancient intelligences, the angelic beings and the demons of old, into alien entities from far away planets. All in the strange and feverish undercurrents of the German occult.

See the trailer here.


Nicholas X said...

Any known relationship between this Algol and the programming language Algol 60 ?

Theo Paijmans said...

An interesting question, indeed. While I am aware of the existence of that particular programming language, I have not pursued that avenue of research. And then there's the question of what such an exotic name as 'Algol' signified in the Germany of 1920.

donabean said...

algol is the most unfortunate star in the sky, according to astrologist, according to the wikipedia.
I really enjoy your blog, by the way!

Izzy Diemez said...

The name for the computer language ALGOL comes from ALGOrithmic Language. Algol the star (Beta Persei) was so named by Arab astronomers. "al Ghul" (the ghoul)got its name because of its peculiar behavior. Every 2.867 days it dims about a magnitude and a half in a matter of a few hours. Pretty scary stuff - hence the name.

Theo Paijmans said...

Hi Izzy, thank you for your fascinating explanation. Sounds like something out of Lovecraft!

enoch9 said...

Algol. Hmmmm. In the ancient near east it was believed that 'Oannes' ,a half-man, half-fish creature from the Dogstar brought civilization to humanity. 'Algol' repeated an archetype, with a twist.

Michael Martarano said...

The Dogstar refers to Sirius A, the white dwarf companion to Sirius A is Sirius B. I find the connection of this film to this star very, very interesting.

There is a tribe in Africa, the Dogon, which has worshiped Sirius A and B for thousands of years and claim that they were given information about the heavens (rings around saturn, stars not visible to the human eye, etc.) by an amphibious race called "The Nommo" that arrived in spacecraft. The Dogon also use celestial charts to predict events which are strikingly similar to the quantum charts that have popped up in the past 50 years. The thing that makes them so important is that Sirius B wasn't discovered until 1862 by Alvan Graham Clark. There is no way that this tribe could have known about it without telescopes, thousands of years ago unless they were told of it. There are more connections that root back to this tribe that would fill a book.

My question to you is; Is there anyone connecting the more plausible theories about an intelligent race's influence on human development that follow the strict guidelines of research? I believe that there has been intervention or at least happenstantial encounters but I don't believe half of what people say or write. Like in many cases people want to tell a full story so they fill in the gaps between the valid points.

The truth about extraterrestrial research is that it has followed a more historical approach than scientific, genealogical or anthropological approaches. If anything, we know that the historical approach to many subjects has led to many falsehoods and misconceptions and has never had the same stringent parameters that Scientific research has.

Also, do you know of any active Vril or antecedent societies today?

Aftab Ahmed said...

Hi Izzy, thank you for your fascinating explanation. Sounds like something out of Lovecraft!

Aftab Ahmed said...

thank you for your fascinating explanation. Sounds like something out of Lovecraft!

bmosley4444 . said...


I'm a relation to Sir Oswald Mosley and can be reached on my facebook page Brent Mosley I'm hoping by sharing some info you can help me solve some questions I have about vril and my family.